Needy Nature

The green fields in the green valleys of mountains where little kids play tag game, with their hair being by the wind blows and their tired eyes would seek surrender in a nearby bush where they lie on the good clean grass; this is the imagery that I see as I see clean green meadows of hilly mountains we could have.
We have a choice to a bright future, all the resources we need for the fresh air. All the rivers, the mountains with fruit bearing trees with all the fruit we can have for free. Yet a man has harnessed his full potential, and as man discovered using science for living of convenience. Man ceased to live the naturally. Man ceased to depend on the un-predictability of nature. Ceasing to adjust to nature’s predictability roots our mentality that we can own the world.
Money is the exchange of all these things for convenience. Money allows us not  to be slaves of nature , yet money also  hides the nature what could have offered.
We use money to build big houses, build landscapes around our lawn, cut the trees around our nearby trees so that we could have convenience of walking around the area, without being bitten by the snakes, stung by the bees, or yet the scary spiders which we could meet along the way.
Money allowed us to be the only existing being in the world, which has the freedom over the lives of other living things, of living national resources, and even to our fellow human beings.
And yet in our childhood, have we not depended on nature to be our initial teacher?  Are we not amazed by the moon, or have we not imagined climbing trees, or try to work hard to play outside the house in the trees where we use as our hiding areas as we play taguan or hide and seek?
To those who didn’t went outside, when you are young and to those who didn’t take part of nature in your early life, you have missed your chance of a lifetime.
For in today’s situation we can seldom be children playing outside the hills. We are boxed in our space we call our own. We are able to cope without nature, and by freeing ourselves outwardly, we are also freeing ourselves in the responsibility of taking care of it.
But are we really free from nature?
No matter what we do nature is inherent to our existence. We consider ourselves free from any responsibility for it its free. As  a theory in the economics say: there is no such thing as free lunch. But who would pay even if there’s no one who asks for payment? Who would give, if you don’t merit anything from it?
That is the question, we should ask for ourselves. Do we not really merit anything in protecting or preserving nature? Is protecting nature really is just a hassle in our everyday lives?  Nature is a hindrance to us nowadays. Any growing plants are cut to occupy our human space, which is essentially needs to be big enough. This big enough is beyond every human’s dream.  It’s in our primary instinct to own, broad and vast lands to box ourselves with. These wide spaced are occupied not for our existence but to satisfy our ego and power, believing that it is a sign of success, but is it?
In the perspective of a worldly mind, nature is just a hindrance.
But if this mentality, we cannot deny that nature has been inherently good despite having technologies which satisfied our curiosity leaving the nature behind.
We might not need nature, but nature needs us, and cannot live without us.
That’s the real truth that nobody seems to consider.  Nature didn’t grow up like people who thought the world needed to be theirs. Nature is ever giving, and nature is nurturing us. Nature didn’t  is there all the while throughout our lives allowing us to get what we want. Nature is still there all over the centuries, now an ailing child, and a sickly child. It didn’t change, and in a matter of what we call, the throes of nature – it’s not the one who changed, but it’s us.
Dictating what’s best for nature also makes nature a rebellious child. Taking away anything from her, means now fighting back, because she is protecting what is left for her.
There is a call to change our ways, all our lives, we benefit from nature, now its nature’s turn to benefit from us. Taking all things of nature is not illegal but it disrupts the balance the nature has, and people used to enjoy. We have this balance before; we can have this balance again.
Nothing is impossible in nature. Its unpredictability teaches us to be patient. It teaches us to be ready. It tells us to prepare.  Anyone, who have learned to cope with nature, is already trained to take on with life, because nature teaches is the cycle of the life itself because both are unpredictable.

There is indeed many benefits nature can offer, and it’s up to us whether we would accept to welcome it as a part of our lives or not.

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