I want to Breathe

i want to leave this town
i wan to travel to Bohol
I want to have a masters degree
but that's if I can pass my degree

Im under a bridge with no chance to reach in the middle
I'm tied on a wire  tied upside down
I'm  laughingstock, anybody in the wold wont remember

I am on the verge of giving up 
Because right now I feel that I am digging my own tomb

Nobody but myself is responsible of this mess
 and this is burying me 
burying me
 burying me
up to the point when I can no longer breathe
i cannot breathe
i cannot breathe

I want to cry 
I cannot breathe
Lungs were filled with thin air 

But no matter what even if I am not able to breathe 
I always wake up breathing
I wake up in the semi-real world
 a world I want to runaway 
A world of pain 
of disaster 
 and a world where everyone expects you to fail
and overruns you if you are a loser

I want the world when I am free
But freedom is a thing that I would never have
Freedom is something abstract
Freedom is something i could never have

Right now I just pray
that my I would overcome this miseries
I would forgive myself 
I could breathe again with fresh air
That I would not be tied upside down
that i could finish my degree
and I could finish my masters degree
\and I could go to Bohol

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