A Fly on the wall

The mood was good, the lights , the music compose the whole evening . A girl was seated on the table of their group, the was happy of the atmosphere , she knows there is a possibility that she get an award because she did her best after all. The last straw of awards came , and neither her group or her name was called. She's happy for the winners, and smiled a lot to them, clapped her hands. 

Yet deep inside her mind was a burning question: If she had given her very best , would she be the one be called? If she overcame all the laziness in herself possessed, would she deserve an award. She paused for a while, and got the scary , and sad answer : Yes.

She went home early. She is tired. As she walk to the street, some people look at her casual outfit , and her smoky eyeshadows, yet she didn't care. As for the moment , she doesn't know what to feel. She is perplexed, and she is in denial, bearing in mind all the reasons, other people did that didn't contribute to their success. Yet, she then realized that she could be that main reason also.

As she pondered, is this karma for me?

Am I still that person again? Did I even improve?

These dreary questions confront her, as the beam of light illuminate to the happy and wide smiles of the victors of the awards night.

She then promised herself to be better, even better than her performance since, so that in the next award night, she would be qualified, she would be a strong match, a strong opponent, and there would be a bigger chance that she would be called, worthy of at least one award. :)

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