Big Waves

 I was walking along the endless shore , with millions of sand in my feet.
 Admiring the deep blue of the sky , and figuring out the what object does the cloud resemble , I felt like a child again . Step  by step as I walk to the shore. The blue, blue green, and dark blue shade of the ocean before me seemed like  unfathomable layers .
 Big bubbling waves wash upon the shore. I tried to meet the waves and jumped over it so as not  be crushed by its awesome strength that could clearly crush me in a second. I jump harder and higher. And as another big blue wave comes. I prepare. then jumped again, prepare to jump, then jump as high as I could be . I ride in it instead of resisting it , for I don't want to be washed back to the shore , where I would start all over again . Luck ran out of me when suddenly a big wave came rushing over me. I did prepared for it  but the waves height and strength  overpowered mine. Its anger , and its will is so unstoppable . I was almost drowned. I could feel the panic seeping into my system . Luckily what it left to me just pain on my back , which was later gone.

After such amusement, and after that encounter, I realized that the thrill , and excitement is priceless and that  being in a brink of danger is worth trying again so after a couple of minutes I went back to the shore, now more smarter to face the big waves.

Sometimes we see our problems are big waves in our lives, we want to resist it.  we want to change it even it already in our midst , we blame , we curse, we feel sorry for ourselves . Many of us doesn't realize that these struggles are us as temporary as the waves that crash to the shore. Sometimes we are lucky to have  survived the small waves, and even the big ones, but there are always bigger waves that will  crush us and hurl us  back to the  to the shore . As these big waves come we tend to forget what we have already surpassed , it drag us down so low thinking, how to start all over again , when you efforts are gone.  But come to think of it , whether we feel pain, and regret for not having watched out for that big wave, we are sunk to our grief of loss, WE ARE STILL ALIVE. We can still stood up to try again, with a huge smile on our faces and face another adventure that life will have brought upon us . I every breath we take , to make another try in facing that giant waves there is always only one assurance of security , there is only one whisper of hope, and there's always a dash of love granted to us and that is God's. We just need to trust and hope that whatever we encounter , it is according to His plan for us. There is no perfect life, there is no life exempted of problems but there is only  one God, with His plan for us . We should not question Him in whatever circumstance, yet we must thank for all the blessings we currently have . Let us live life knowing its temporal nature . Let us be happy and count the blessings that we have and accept things we cannot control.

He I am : ALWAYS HOPES AND ALWAYS TRUSTS THAT GOD WILL DELIVER ME.  Not a single time  I took His no ,for a rejection ,but a challenge of patience to wait. For I know that only in faithful prayer , and trust He will grant my wish in His own time.

 And my last words for this entry would be : It is only in  a long wait and struggle that I can appreciate success, and only suffering  that  we truly appreciate the real meaning of victory. God bless us always. :)

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